We know how you feel Nadia, we can't get our stuff out there either. Perhaps the world just isn't ready for our blend of acoustic folk-rap-funk...

Nadia Forde is not best pleased with Dublin radio station FM 104 after she claimed in a recent interview that they were deliberately not playing her music as a result of a relationship she had with Mark "Nobby" Noble, who presents the Strawberry Alarm Clock on the station.

Speaking to The irish Mirror, Forde said "FM104 don't play my music at all because of my ex boyfriend. They don't even talk about me. It's not nice. It would be nice [if they changed that]".

Forde's music career launched back in 2014 with 'BPM', and while she admits that she hasn't been on a full promotional tour yet, she notes that her music is getting airplay on other stations, including abroad: "They played 'Stuck' on BBC Radio 2 and obviously I haven't really delved into the radio tour just yet", so it doesn't seem to make sense that they wouldn't play it here at home. 

For their part, FM104 responded to say that they would never let a relationship affect what music they do and don't play, and "there is no ban on Nadia's records at FM104. What we have are a team who look after the music and Nadia's music might not fit with our play-list. We pride ourselves on backing and supporting Irish acts at FM104".

Via The Irish Mirror and Radio Today