I've been sitting on these pictures of Lindsay Lohan peddling her own customised milkshake in LA since Thursday, simply because I had bugger all positive to say about them. So here's a half-pint of negativity for a change: "Who better to promote our milkshakes than someone who looks like they've not entertained solid food in a fortnight?! Blending's the way forward, people!" That's the only logic behind Millions of Milkshakes enlisting Lindsay Lohan to promote their creamy wares (although if it inspires the growing number of emaciates to down milkshakes that can only be a good thing). And doesn't she look like she's thoroughly enjoying making her own vat of customised milky goodness? Seemingly "The Lindsay Lohan Shake consists of vanilla and chocolate ice cream swirls with Oreo cookies." Which makes a refreshing change from the first draft of suggested ingredients, which included Redbull riddled vodka blended with a the ash of 80 smoked Marlborough lights, half a packet of popcorn, bile, and a sprinkle of something possibly provided by Dina.