How is that even possible? In our minds she's still 11 years old, running around screaming she's hemorrhaging and mourning Macaulay Culkin (we're all mourning Macaulay Culkin though, in our own little way). But low and behold, Anna Chlumsky's gone and shattered out illusion and announced that she's expecting her first little boy/girl with husband Shaun So.

The 32 year old (God that makes us feel ancient) knows the sex of the baby, but is keeping it under wraps, probably to avoid My Girl punerific headlines. 'I'm feeling pretty good so far. I was really lucky - I did not have any morning sickness which was great because I was working.' Having just finished filming the second serason of the almighty and brilliant Veep with Julia Louis Dreyfus, the timing couldn't be better for Chlumsky, who's dived headfirst into getting knowledged up on all things baby.

'We're working on getting the nursery ready.' she explained to People magazine. 'I'm being judicious with which books I read because I don't want to get overwhelmed. Most of the books have to do with how to have a worry-free pregnancy and keep the anxiety down.' We have a feeling that baba is going to come out all sorts of cute.