According to comments made by Maulana Falzur Rehman, a Muslim cleric and opposition leader in Pakistan's parliament, has claimed that the deteriorating situation in the country is down to one fashion item - women's jeans.

The comments come as Pakistan experiences a number of earthquakes and several incursions into its territory by Taliban forces, as well as worsening energy supplies for the state.

The cleric / politician believes that Pakistani women enjoying the unique comforts of denim is harmful to the national economy and directly causing inflation.

Speaking at a local press conference, Falzur Rehman compared women who were NOT dressed like a 'sack of flour' to walking weapons of mass destruction.

There's literally so many jokes flooding into our brain that we're getting a nosebleed.

Falzur Rehman believes that if Shariah law was upheld in the predominantly Muslim country, their fortunes would improve and international investment would come into the country.

Sure. That's absolutely what would happen.

He went on, openly calling for the Pakistani army to begin a military operation against women who wear denim.

Listen, we've seen horrendous double-denim numbers down through the years - but it's hardly cause for, y'know, a full-scale army attack. Is it?



Via New Indian Express