You may not expect saxophone-playing soft-rocker Curtis Stigers to be at the vanguard of the anti-Katie Hopkins brigade, but the American musician came through on Twitter yesterday.

The 'I Wonder Why' singer took umbrage with Hopkins' inflammatory tweet that she had "very limited sympathy" for the recent Parkland school shooting in Florida, calling her a "hideous despicable hate monster".

Although some people accused Stigers of being 'hypocritical' by responding to the professional troll in such a manner, others commended him for calling her out - and added a few tasty puns to the mix, too. Luckily, he has a sense of humour and some witty quips, himself.

Hopkins, meanwhile, responded with a pretty feeble: "The girls told me your nickname at school was Cystitis (@curtisstigers) - except you’re twice as irritating and just as difficult to get rid of." 

See it below: