It's going to be a very long process, as this is only the preliminary hearing to decidewhether Dr Conrad Murray should go on trial and face charges that relate to Michal Jackson's death. On the first day, Murray's attorney refused to make an opening statement, which seems a little odd. I mean, I'm no legal genius or anything but from a logical point of view, would it not make sense to state how you were going to prove your client wasn't guilty and shouldn't face charges of manslaughter (or whatever they plan on charging him with). Meanwhile, the prosecution stepped up to the mark and told the judge that they were hoping to prove that Murray tried to conceal the fact that he administrated Propofol, didn't call 911 until 20 minutes after Jackson passed, tried to get a bodyguard to clean the evidence (of the drugs, I'm presuming) and also preformed CPR incorrectly, which would be pretty tragic seeing as he's supposed to be a qualified doctor. Even a 10 year old could do that.

First to take the stand was the 'This Is It' producer/ director Kenny Ortego. He stated that he thought MJ wasn't well and had sent him home from rehearsals as he had the chills. He continued to say that Murray was angry he was sent home as he thought he was the only person who should make those decisions. When a meeting was held on 20th June, Dr Murray claimed Michael was "physically and emotionally fine". Second up was Michael's assistant, Michael Amir Williams. He told the court that Murray had called him in a frantic state urging him to get to the house asap. When he then called Michael's bodygaurd (who's next up) he could hear Murray in the background. When the ambulance was called and Jackson was in the hospital, Williams said that Muray pulled him aside and told him there was a jar of cream in Michael's room that needed to be retrieved, as he knew that Michael wouldn't want anyone to know about it. If you're thinking that it doesn't look too good for Murray now, well, the bodyguard doesn't do much to help his case.

Faheem Muhammad testified that he walked into Jackson's bedroom and was met with Murray frantically trying to do CPR. As the doctor looked up and saw him. Faheem said that Murray turned to him and asked "Do you know CPR?" The bodyguard also said that when at the hospital, Murray left because he was hungry.

This is not looking too good for the doc.

-Alicia Coyle.