Another year, another opportunity for Canadia's top musicians to make themselves known to a worldwide audience.

Every year, the Much Music Video Awards, i.e. Canada's answer to the MTV VMAs, just serves to unnerve (me). They don't mean to, they just do. It's like a strange parallel universe rife with below par doppelgangers - like Rihanna, Chris Brown, the Black Eyed Peas, Travis Barker and more...

It's a strange world where Avril Lavigne is still relevant and a different version of Peter Jackson is the norm, yet there are glimmers of the real world crossing over - where GaGa still wins all the gongs going with the aid of several wig changes (no less than one, two, three; five if you include the ones in her armpits); where Colin Farrell is still incredibly attractive; and Justin Bieber still publicly eyeballs Selena Gomez (yes, that is Tiffany from Saved By The Bell on his T-Shirt. And, yes, it does look like him in drag).

I'd give you a full list of winners, but there's little point really given the proliferation of strangers, so it's best to just belt up. Or something.