To be honest, amid all the reports of Kristen Stewart attending the MTV VMAs, we were wondering yesterday how she was going to split herself in two - what with her also being in Canadia for the Toronto Film Festival.

Kevin Hart had suggested she was going to attend the VMAs to promote the new Twilight film, but she probably felt there was no need as the ENTIRE Twilight cast were there in her absence. 'Cause she just had to promote On The Road. Oh, the pesky timing of it all.

So while she was looking her usual gangly, awkward self on a red carpet north of the border, we had the aforementioned Burlesque Ready Brek Kid (Nicki Minaj); the partially submerged bin liner (Katy Perry); a tooth brush (Miley Cyrus); Amber Rose silently confirming her pregnancy courtesy of Wiz Khalifa; Pink and Alicia Keys wearing the usual one size too small; Jane Jetson if she clambered feet first into a lampshade (Emma Watson); Rita Ora's ode to Elvis;Taylor Swift in white AGAIN; and Rihanna brandishing a penis. A knotted white wang. Well, what else are we meant to think it is?

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