When it comes to disguises, taking inspiration from a Robin Williams movie might not be the best place to start.

According to the LA Times, the 'Mrs. Doubtfire' robber is wanted after robbing a bank and staking out another in Santa Cruz while dressed as woman, wearing "a wig and... a set of navy blue medical scrubs pulled over a light purple, long sleeve undershirt".

No one was harmed in the robbery during which a note was passed to a bank worker under a counter demanding money and no weapons were used.

Police released photos of the suspect from a bank that was nearby that they believe was being staked out by the man before he robbed another an hour later, and that "When bank employees contacted the suspect they were surprised to see that although the suspect was dressed like a female, the suspect was actually a male. Hence the title, the Mrs. Doubtfire bank robbery".

Not exactly the perfect crime, but A for effort we suppose.

Via LA Times/Santa Cruz Police