Conservative MP Nigel Mills has admitted (after he was caught rapih', it should be noted) that he was playing Candy Crush on his iPad during a meeting on pension reforms.

We all know by now that Candy Crush is a pretty huge game that has millions of fans around the world, so it should come as little surprise that the people in power are, in a way, just like us; they too love a game or two of Candy Crush

That said, there's a time and a place for it, and while we're sure that a few of us have had a sneaky game in work (not us, of course, we never stop working), you should at least try to do it in private or at your desk when no one is looking. 

Mills, who is the Conservative Amber Valley MP and was elected in 2010, decided that he just couldn't wait and wanted to have a game during a meeting on pension reforms, and he was stung badly after someone snapped a few pictures of him having a great time, and probably more concerned with the positioning of his jelly beans than pensions.

After The Sun published the pictures he spoke to them and said "It was a long meeting on pension reforms, which is an important issue that I take very seriously. There was a bit of the meeting that I wasn’t focusing on and I probably had a game or two.I shouldn’t do it but if you check the meeting I would say I was fully engaged in asking questions that I thought were particularly important in how we get the pensions issue right. I shall try not to do it in the future". 

As a great man/Jedi master once said, do or do not, there is no try.

Via The Guardian. Main image via m012229/Flickr