BeReal is the new trendy app that pretty much everyone has either heard of or joined in with in the last couple of weeks. Could it rival your favourite social media platform? Maybe.

The premise of the up and coming "anti-Instagram" app is to exhibit more authenticity online, especially in an age where photos are clipped, pinched, filtered, and snatched in what often becomes a showreel rather than a social platform.

BeReal asks its users to simultaneously capture a front and back camera picture within a two minute time frame at a random time once a day.

Once you do that, you gain access to the same style snapshots from the people that you follow, create emojis using your own photographs, and comment on friend's snaps. It's wholesome. It's simple.

If, like us, your follow list contains about five people, we have good news. Members are growing, with CNBC reporting that as of May, the app had about 10.7 million downloads.

Posed and pouting does not bode well on BeReal; the more authentic and joyful, the better. It's social media's online answer to the disposable camera, but realer. We never imagined mundanity would sell, but it turns out, people are eating it up.

One question though; how long may the humdrum entertain us? For now at least, it's the most popular app to have on your homepage. Tomorrow? Who the frick knows.

Download BeReal from the Apple Store here and from Google Play here.