And you wouldn't exactly call him a Muppet either... DAMN we're subtle.

Despite the convenience of it, and the fact that they'd obviously met a few times through Tom, we always had a bit of bother trying to picture Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx together (we're not perverts, or anything). Jason Segel, on the other hand, just seems cuddlier. Always a good thing when reintroducing yourself officially to the dating scene. Also, he seems to have a thing for Dawson's Creek ladies, so it was always bound to happen.

According to, the pair met on the set of How I Met Your Mother back in 2011, but things only heated up since the show's ended. Apparently he's now so "eager to start a family" with Katie that he's setting up shop in New York.

A source told Look Magazine back in 2013: "Jason was desperate to have children but Michelle [Williams, who he dated for a year from 2012] just isn’t in a rush to have more, and I think it slowly tore them apart... Jason couldn’t handle it, and after lengthy chats with his family he made the decision to end it. She seems totally blindsided. She was so in love with him, I think she would’ve considered moving and having more kids if she’d known it was a deal breaker."