Motorists are being warned to keep an eye out for any petrol that seems to be selling for below the average price. 

Keeping a car on the road ain't cheap these days, so the temptation to pull in to a petrol station that looks to be offering a bargain is one that many motorists are sure to take up. However, amid a rash of complaints in some areas of Ireland, drivers are being told to be wary of such offers. 

According to The Irish Independent, the practice of petrol stretching is becoming more and more common, and the Revenue Commissioners, Customs and Excise and Gardai have all been investigating areas in the west, the midlands and border regions amid reports that it's on the rise.

They have urged motorists who tend to get their petrol in those areas to be on the lookout if they see stations advertising fuel at a price below the average of around €1.56 per litre.

Not only does the practice of thinning petrol, normally with kerosene (which costs about 80c per litre), save the retailer a whole bunch of money on their end, but it also damages engines extremely badly, and can cost the motorist a huge deal of money to repair. 

It seems that well over 100 cars have already been hit, with some even having had their engine pistons melted by the dodgy petrol. 

Via The Irish Independent. Main pic via Jen R on Flickr