A proud record, and a difficult one to attain that surely took a lot of training. 

Chris Kimbrough is a 44-year-old mother of six, but she is also a world record holder after she recently posted the fastest time in the prestigious event known as The Beer Mile. What's the beer mile? Well, you get a beer down you, run a quarter mile by doing a lap of a track, then chug another beer, do another lap, and so on, until you've run the full mile and had four beers along the way.

Yeah, we didn't know this was a thing either, but apparently it is, and if there's one nation in the world that can medal in this at the Olympics, it's us. This is our house baby, wooooooo!

Anyway, we haven't won anything yet, and if you want to claim the record then you'd need to beat the impressive time of 6:28.6 that sees Kimbrough hold the women's world record, which had stood for 17 years before she broke it.

The inaugural World Championships take place in Austin Texas at the beginning of December (don't think we won't be watching that) and she told Runner's World that she'd like to try and get under six, which would be a real achievement, but when you've got six kids it's hard to find the time to train and drink.

Via Outside Online. Main pic via Marni/Flickr