There seems to be many different sides to Donald Trump. There's the incredibly successful businessman who owns a f**kload of property in an inordinately priced Manhattan; there's the popular TV personality who's genuinely engaging in the original US version of The Apprentice; then there's the dude who tried to get Barack Obama to show the world his birth cert - the, er, quirky side, if you will.

Where as most celebrities toy with the idea of buying a gaff in Ireland so they can be close to their "ancestors", Trump has gone done and bought the entire bleedin' Doonbeg Golf Club in Clare, that will be renamed the far catchier 'Trump International Golf Links, Ireland'. Right then.

In a statement Trump spewed, "I am thrilled to announce that we have purchased yet another incredible golf resort." Another? Oh Donald you are beyond humble.

He adds, "From Trump National Doral, Miami to Trump International Golf Links, Scotland, known as ‘the greatest golf course in the world, (there's that humility again)’ we only have the best. Doonbeg is an already terrific property that we will make even better - it will soon be an unparalleled resort destination with the highest standards of luxury."

The resort apparently already employs 250 people, so hopefully The Donald (seriously, he calls himself that) adds more jobs, as that's always sound. We'll find out more tomorrow when he travels here to go into more details.

The comb-over (toupe?) is coming, folks.