Kids are embarrassing. True, they're cute and they're meant to change your life, but they just can't read social situations at ALL.

Kate Moss's daughter, Lila Grace, is a prime example. Due to circumstances beyond his control, Pete Doherty found himself sharing a plane with his ex to Ibiza (he was booked to mumble at the annual Ibiza Rocks gig. She probably booked herself to loll about a yacht somewhere). The regaling of this bottom crinkling moment is brought to you by "a source" burbling to The Sun:

"Lila was excited because she hadn't seen ("stinky") Pete for ages. She was calling her mum over, but Kate and Pete stayed in their seats and just acknowledged each other. They both looked extremely uncomfortable and spent the whole flight trying not to catch each other's eyes. When the flight landed, Kate was ushered off and they did not speak."

Lila was probably left on board.