As it happens, a few super in demand sorts found themselves double booked last night, what with the BFAs AND Piers Morgan celebrating themselves on the same date - hence the presence of Campbell, Winklemanand Klass's Baltic baby bump at both events.

It doesn't take much for Piers Morgan to lionize himself, so he hired out London's uber swish Mandarin Oriental Hotel for the launch of his new CNN show Piers Morgan Tonight. Yep. The CNN show he's taking over from Larry King. How the Americans aren't up in arms about the legion of Simon Cowell affiliated presenters "takin' thir jibs", I don't know.

To quote a more lucid moment from Bruce Forsyth: "I've been trying to crack America for 63 years... No offence Piers, you don't sing, you don't dance, you're fairly irritating. How have you managed to do this?"

In a slight aside, James Corden really needs to cheer the f*** up.