Yeah, I know that's Noel Gallagher, but he's just another one of the herd Simon Cowell's enlisted to help him shatter more American dreamz. Mick Jagger is another. Now it's George Michael. Thing is, though, can they really get away with having an all English panel judging Americans? I know they were almost there with America's Got Talent, but at least they had The Hoff barking his head off. You can't get more American than that.

So here's the latest rumour, which as usual, comes from The Sun: "George is going to take the job. It's an amazing opportunity to get back in the limelight and reverse his recent bad spell. Simon [Cowell] knows that Americans love him. He is as big in the US as he is [in the UK]. He is a true star and has the wit and experience for the job. It's the perfect platform to resurrect his career."

... after he repeatedly got into his car, inebriated in some form, and proceeded to ram an oversizde vehicle into bollards, other cars arses, Happy Snaps outlets...

Even if half these rumours are true, Simon Cowell really is God. How else would he manage to wangle work permits for prospective judges with criminal records. Lord, between Cheryl and her lollipop motivated assault and George's reckless endangerment due to repeated attempts to maim anything in his path, they make Noel Gallagher look like Little Lord Fauntleroy.