I did say yesterday that I would not utter another word about what happened on Sunday and if I was to, it would have to be for a good reason. Well, my first reason for touching on this subject is because the gorgeous Dermot O'Leary has since come across with the following, and - secondly - I just can't help myself.

This comes from today's Sun, who can't find anything else to report on these days (hence the knock on effect). According to them, Dermot was bantering about what occurred on Sunday's results show and, basically, it was the producers who made it all happen - so we can blame them, and not Cheryl. Quelle surprise. It turns out that O'Leary was told in his ear piece to go to Cheryl after Simon had cast his vote, something that is not the norm, as we all know. The reason he was told to do this was because the lads upstairs knew Cole wouldn't vote, which meant it couldn't go to deadlock (due to the fact that all judges have to vote for that to happen) and they sort of knew Katie would be saved.

Have a read of this: "We talked about it in the break because you find out two or three minutes before what's going to happen. My producer said, 'Look, if Cheryl decides to opt out we go to majority vote'. She did decide to opt out - and then she said, 'Come back to me and we'll do deadlock' (but he wasn't allowed, you see). It would have been a lot easier for me for Cheryl to be last." As has been the norm up until now.

The paper also claims Nicole Scherzinger has voiced her opinion on Treyc's exit saying she would be justified in thinking she was "unfairly treated".

The more I read and report, the more tempted I am to give up watching it all together out of disgust but, I just can't resist it... It's the bright lights.

-Alicia Coyle

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