When one reality show comes to an end, you can be sure there's another one nearby, taking advantage of the PR.

With Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor drawing to a close, marketing types are dutifully filtering out rumours of who's to appear on Dancing on Ice. If you've been scouring showbiz columns for as long as I have, you can see a pattern; they always choose to blab who the totty is to get people interested.

Of one alleged contestant, Gemma Bissix, a "source" told the Daily Star: "Not only is she a huge star, she's also a stunning girl who will bring much-needed glamour to the ice." So HUGE is her star that I bet you can't visualise her by name alone. Before you launch yourself at Google Images; Gemma used played (wait for it) Clare from Hollyoaks, and (wait for it, part II) Clare from EastEnders. She also answers to Huffy MacHuffapuff. Here's a handy snap of her in action. I would've included her in the accompanying picture but I find Melinda Messenger easier on the eye.

Indeed Melinda is also a rumoured contestant, alongside the likes of GMTV's Michael Underwood (the dude who had to drop out of last year's contest due to a hurty hoof), Chloe Madeley (the result of a Richard and Judy union), Jeremy Edwards (used to go out with Rachel Stevens, used to be on Hollyoaks, used to be alright looking before he caught the bloat), Todd Carty (AKA Mark Fowler) and Ray (this is where coming second on the X Factor and releasing a poxy swing album gets you) Quinn.