So does anyone know yet what exactly Celina Hehir's husband to be (or not to be?) got up to on his stag night in Treacy's Hotel, Waterford? There was talk on the radio about things that may have been taken, we've also heard there may have been a visit from a lady (we don't have anything written in stone) but what we REALLY want to know is whether her partner has yet admitted to his own personal shenanigans. Was the alleged lady visitor we're hearing about for him in particular OR will all the blame be put on that one unfortunate best friend who in the event of such pre-marital catastrophes must take the fall for everything? That's the deal you make when you sign on to be Best Man, right? Is the wedding still going ahead? Too many questions. We wait with baited breath for further comments to be made. Alas the Facebook comments and associated videos have since been removed so there's nothing left for you to speculate over.

Ahh, nothing like a bit of local Irish gossip involving mere mortals to make for some interesting pub talk.

If you missed out on the scandalicious details yesterday, The Sun are dubbing Miss Hehir as a 'midlands hottie' who went biserk on Facebook after finding out that Treacy's Hotel would not be giving her fiancé back his 50 euro - per man - deposit. In a move of pure genius, the hotel then openly responded on Facebook: "Hi Celina. I would like to tell you the truth about the events around your partner's stag party... If you could so kindly send me your phone number in a private email, I will tell you the facts of the night. Then I am sure you will remove these comments."


They later added: "It is unfortunate that I am left with no choice but to publicly state here on Facebook the true events that surrounds your partner's stag party... We received many complaints from guests especially from families with young children being disturbed at such an hour “At 5am we received more noise complaints from the stag party... We had no choice but to contact gardai... It was at this stage that the party were told they would not receive their security deposit back as this now would need to cover cleaning charges... All morning reception were inundated with complaints due to your partner’s stag party... When the stag party were checking out Gardai were called again."

If you hear anything let us know, if we hear anything we'll do the same. You never know, this could be the seed for one of the best Irish rom-com wedding movies to ever hit the Emerald Isle.