So to keep things simple I'm going to whack out a few bullet points here to keep you up to date on the gossip story sweeping the Twittersphere. Thanks to the kind folk at E! online for honing in on the juiciest of details.

1. Robert Pattinson is "heartbroken". 'No shit Sherlock,' I hear you say, but a source from the Teen Choice Awards spotted the pair backstage on Sunday "having a long and intense conversation backstage, and he looked miserable, heartbroken and humiliated. She was pleading." Damn RIGHT she was pleading.

2. Kristen Stewart (22) and Rupert Sander's (41) affair didn't begin until filming for Snow White had wrapped. As per E! a source said: "I can guarantee you 100 percent that nothing happened when they were working - nothing!"

3. While promoting the movie Sanders spoke fondly of Stewart to the press in the company of his wife. He told E! that not only does Stewart have a "great spirit," she's also "feisty and kind of wild."

4. This all came out after what you can now presume to be a very wealthy ninja paparazzi snapped a pic of the director and actress canoodling just last week in L.A.

5. On July 24th Sanders' wife Liberty Ross tweets "Wow", then deletes her account. What's more, we find an instagram pic of Disney character Snow White with the caption "Not so pretty or so pure after all..." Allegedly this account belongs to Ross.

6. Since the news has broken, Kristen is doing whatever she can to win back Rob and is determined she will succeed. The Daily Mail report that "Kristen is pulling out all the stops with Rob, completely apologising and trying to make things right with him, but she is very confident that she is going to win his trust back... Kristen is doing everything in her power to keep Rob from breaking up with her. She knows how much he loves her and she really believes that she is going to keep him from dumping her."

7. On a random note, Rupert Sanders directed this Guinness advert.

Now whether you're happy, sad or couldn't give a rat's ass - let's take a look at Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's relationship in pictures...

*Photo from US Weekly magazine, July 25th.