Yesterday, the alleged Bieber Baby carrier dropped her paternity suit and her lawyers hightailed it. Today, it's back on, but privately. And five minutes ago, TMZ received texts Mariah Yeater sent to a friend, which turns everything bits up. That's the short version.

Here's the long version, thanks to The Mirror, by way of Radar Online: "Mariah is still filing the claim against him, just in a more private way and with a new lawyer. This isn’t because Mariah has suddenly decided she’d prefer to keep the details of her baby’s conception to herself and not share the gruesome (alleged) details with the world anymore, but because she’s received death threats and understandably is a teensy bit scared. 'She believes Justin is the Bieber is the father,' her new legal eagle Jeffrey Leving said on her behalf. 'Right now, there are no more interviews for Mariah Yeater.' Apparently it’s thought it would be best all round if the DNA test was done privately without a court order, which could mean the results never become public knowledge either. 'My goal is to keep everything confidential - so the results will remain confidential,' Jeff added. Sounds suspect, doesn't it. Well not as suspect as the (alleged) texts Mariah's sent to a "close friend" who then promptly sent them on to TMZ:

"The person to whom Mariah Yeater sent the text asked us to blur his name - we'll call him John. He has been in touch with Yeater regularly... even before the baby was born on July 6th. In the text, Yeater pleads for John to 'ERASE ALL MESSAGES from my mom where she says Tristyn is Robbie's son.' The text goes on to say that her mom sent John messages in the past, stating that baby Tristyn was fathered by Robbie - an ex-boyfriend. She then goes on to talk about giving John money if he cooperates: 'Ill kick u when we get paid'." Apparently that's a good thing, and not GBH of some kind.

These weren't the only texts seen by TMZ: "In one text, Mariah writes, '[John], would you please stress to Robbie how important it is for him to be in his son's life?..' Apparently, Mariah forgot about this text, because she didn't ask John to erase it. John tells us he's already shared this information with Howard Weitzman, Justin Bieber's lawyer."

Consider yisserselves up to speed. Well, about as up to speed as Tristyn will be in a few years time when he's reading about himself on the internet - assuming the Apocalypse/World War III doesn't happen in the meantime.