Steven Assanti, who posts on YouTube as FatBoyGetDown, made headlines when he was evicted from hospital for ordering pizza.

The 33-year old, who currently weighs FIFTY-SEVEN stone, was ordered to leave Rhode Island Hospital after he had a pizza sent to his room, violating a strict eating plan that was laid out for him by doctors.

Assanti claims he has an addiction to 'ordering out food' is now living out of his father's SUV. "I just don’t know who to turn to. I called everybody – everybody you can think of in the state of Rhode Island and nobody seems to be (able to) help me," explained Steven's father.

Assanti featured on an episode of Dr. Phil and is known on YouTube for his bizarre rants, once posting a video calling taxpayers "motherfucking hater tax paying douchebag (bitches.)"

He went on, laughing quite maniacally, that he decided to "shit on each and every one of you taxpayers."

Yeah, exactly. Take a look.

Assanti also posted videos of himself in hospital more recently, abusing staff and screaming at the top of his lungs during the night.

As it stands, Assanti is effectively homeless and have been refused entrance to a nearby hospital.


Via NBC10