The phrase "Monopoly money" just took on a whole new meaning...

Hasbro, the makers of Monopoly, are celebrating the game's 80th anniversary by releasing a number of special editions of the classic game with real money inside instead of the usual paper notes. 80 lucky people in France will unwrap their new Monopoly board to find that all the cash inside, and not an insignificant amount either.

One set will have the jackpot inside with the bills all replaced by cold hard cash, to the total of €20,580. 10 more sets will contain a total of €300 (five €20s, two €50s and a €100 note) and a further 69 sets will have €150 inside, in the form of five €10 bills and five €20 bills.

Speaking to The Guardian, Florence Gaillard (brand manager for Monopoly) said that customers had overwhelmingly told them that "they wanted to find real money in their Monopoly boxes", so they duly obliged for this publicity drive, which has been getting international attention for the game. He also admitted that there would be a tiny difference in the packaging on the winning boxes, as they would be slightly thicker than the others, but it would not be noticeable.

The 80 winning sets have been hidden amongst the 30,000 that have been sent out to stores around France, and have been divided out between Monopoly, Monopoly Junior, and electronic and vintage varieties of the game.

Via Mashable, The Guardian