And how quick it must turn. He is one of the richest men in the UK, or could I even say the world? He's made a living out of finding the next big thing and at the same time, making others look like absolute twats. Granted that isn't his fault, but he sure is telling producers to let the nuts be known. You've got to admire him for that. He knows what makes good telly and whether you admit it or not, we all love to watch it.

The following 'news' is really going to make your day, honestly. Simon's firm, Syco, has signed a three year deal with ITV for X Factor and Britain's Got Talent, which means that both shows will definitely be on our screens until 2013. I'll admit I love them both, but another 3 years? I fear it may die before then. If it does this side of the water, Simon needn't worry though as the American version of X Factor is due to start next September and he's planning on doing both, *sratches head* ehhhh, has he made a clone of himself (which wouldn't surprise me, looking at a physical replica of himself would make him much happier then the reflection he sees everyday), as that would mean he would have to travel back and forth, constantly. He better have his cosmetic team on hand then, as the bags would be swinging out of his eyes.

On to the real reason he's been busy signing contracts - the dosh. The Sun says it was a £100 million deal he signed with ITV for the two programs and the mastermind will be signing further "personal appearance" deals for £20 million. This year, the paper claims he pocketed £6 million, and by the end of 2013, that figure will stand at £20 million. It's at times like this that I think I'm in the wrong business.

Speaking of the X Factor and all that crap, the 3am ladies have been chatting about a rift within the judges camp. There's a real shocker. It appears that they have been catching up on some light reading, in the form of the X Factor magazine, which claims Cheryl is fuming with Louis, after 'accusing' her of wearing too much fake tan. She said to the magazine, "It was really out of context. It was random. I said to him, 'If there is a problem, come to my dressing room and let's have it out (careful Louis, remember the toilet attendant). Why are you shouting at us? What's that all about?"

Ah Cherdyl, no need to stress about it, it's just a phase he goes through and sure, isn't it all part of the act, y'know, for the ratings and all?

-Alicia Coyle