New York's MOMA (Museum of Modern Art to you) threw open it's doors for an array of fashion loving film stars with a bit of time on their hands. In theory, they were all there to celebrate the might of Pedro Almodovar (Penelope Cruz's invite must've gone for a hop in the post), but really they wanted to show off their wares.

Sarah Jessica Parker wanted to display how no one should be afraid of teaming Maid Marion satin with a wooly housecoat. Drew Barrymore showcased her latest man friend. Chloe Moretz brought along her ever increasing pout. Michael Stipe invited a serene cloud, while Blake Lively only looked a little bit miffed that the elves didn't leave themselves enough time to finish weaving her outfit, that or she was putting herself to the "would good in a sack" test. Elizabeth Olsen communicated that she'll wear whatever her stylist insists she wears, now matter how unflattering, Lara Stone wanted to announce that she can attend a red carpet event without David Walliams, and Miranda Kerr without her eye make up... how that worked out for her is up for debate.

Also in attendance: Anna Wintour in a Lagerfeld and Almodovar sandwich; Tamara Mellon and Wendi Murdoch, Karen Elson, Diane Von Furstenberg, Felicity Jones, Emma Stone, and Olivia Wilde's ever expanding jawline.