The pair have been together ever since their stint on 'Love Island' in 2019 when they fell for each other in the villa and now there's a baby on the way. We can hardly cope.

Hague and Fury announced the exciting news of the pregnancy just over a week ago in a gorgeous Instagram post featuring a mashup of a clip from their 'Love Island' journey along with a recent clip from a pregnancy photoshoot.

Two days ago, Hague uploaded a video to her YouTube channel titled 'MY PREGNANCY SO FAR' which followed the influencer through her first trimester and beyond; scans, cravings, body changes, and all.

Naturally, the internet was going wild with speculation on the gender of the baby with some Twitter users insisting that she was such a "boy mom" and others claiming they'd witnessed the pair shopping for pink baby toys, meaning the pair were due to have a girl.

The rumours have been put to bed and the couple has finally announced the gender of their baby in another Instagram post. In a video clip, we see the pair in front of a huge balloon with writing that says "boy or girl?".

The pair hug and kiss as the balloon bursts to reveal pink confetti — they're having a baby girl! From Hague's recent YouTube video, she reveals how far along she was within the clips that can be juxtaposed against some moments in her life.

Presumably, her due date is roughly in January 2023, if our sleuthing is correct. What a way to ring in the new year, right? We imagine Ms Molly will love having a little girl and sure, the PrettyLittleThing deal is probably waiting on the sidelines.

Check out the gender reveal Instagram clip here.