Last Sunday was like any old Sunday; we had a sore head from the night before and were just rolling out of bed for a bacon sambo and a cuppa tea when suddenly Molly-Mae revealed in an Instagram clip that she was pregnant with her first child. Cue utter online pandomonium.

The Instagram video was mashup of a clip from her stint on 'Love Island' with partner Tommy Fury combined with a recent video of the pair craddling her baby bump — so adorbs.

Naturally, fans were brimming with questions, since her caption gave very little away, "I can’t wait for the adventures that we haven’t even dreamed of yet".

Thankfully, the 'Love Island' star has taken to Instagram to answer some of the questions fans have been letting brew since the news broke and she answered them via her Instagram story. Let's take a look at the questions and answers.

Was it hard to hide it?

Strangely... no. It wasn't. I set myself a goal to get to 5 months without people knowing and I really didn't think I would get that far... but we actually went past that point!

It was so special having it as mine and Tommy's secret — I also have some amazing secret keeping friends/family too.

How is your pregnancy going overall? Did you get morning sickness?

I have been insanely lucky and haven't had any sickness. Any small amounts of nausea I had at the start were cured instantly by eating a meal/snacks.

I was able to keep working and living life as usual which really helped me to keep it a secret. I know a lot of women experiences such horrendous sickness throughout pregnancy and my heart truly goes out to them because I can imagine it's just awful.

Did you record telling family members?

No we didn't. Something about it just felt kind of un-natural? Even filming Tommy felt strange. It really took me a long time to process the news, I've explained all of this in my next vlog.

I just didn't feel ready make videos/film things for a good while because I still couldn't comprehend that I was pregnant myself. Sometimes I still don't believe it now (even though I can feel baby move).

I absolutely love watching other people's pregnancy reaction vids and I always imagined we would make one! But yeah I think I just wasn't ready to get the camera out.

Have you started the nursery?

We have.

Have you thought of names?

We had a boy and a girl name picked out from basically the day we met. We are sticking with the names we've had planned all along.

Why did you think you were pregnant? (To take a pregnancy test.)

I was one day (one day [she adds laughing emojis]) late on my period but I am usually bang on time! I had a test in the draw anyway so I just took it — I probably wouldn't have actively gone to get a test for a while because I didn't feel any different AT ALL.

I'll explain the actual story on my YouTube. I didn't tell Tommy the night I found out... I waited until the next day — it was absolute torture but I wanted to find the right way to tell him.

Have you had any weird pregnancy cravings?

No! To be honest I've craved absolutely everything. The amount of food I ate in the first trimester was actually obscene. The hunger really caught me by surprise and I'd say has been my main pregnancy symptom.

Have you started baby shopping?

No but I can now! I can't wait. Tommy and I would try and sneakily go into the baby section of shops and have loud convos like "what do you think your cousin would like for her baby shower" whilst looking at all the cute clothes we wanted to get. I'm so excited to start getting the things we need!

Molly-Mae will be uploading a YouTube video where she answers more pregnancy related questions, so go to her Insta and get asking.