Mischa Barton has apparently been released from hospital. Since the ex OC star was taken to a clinic earlier this month, everyone has been on tender hooks as to her well being. Well, deep breathes everyone, Ms Barton is A OK *thumps up*, well, for the moment anyway.

Mischa's rep said yesterday, "I can confirm that she has left the hospital with intention to resume production on her new show The Beautiful life". Well that's a relief eh? I mean it would be an awful thing if it was all a publicity stunt to bump up the ratings of the show before it even graced our TV screens now wouldn't it. Now that Ashton Kutcher has made it official that no one could replace her on the show, let's just hope that she can put all this behind her and move on with that wonderful career that is lined in front of her.

- Alicia Coyle