How is Miquita Oliver bankrupt? Sure, it makes sense for her to have no money, but apparently she owes the taxman £170k. What in the name of Jaysis have Channel 4 been paying her?! More importantly, what's she been at ever since she was essentially replaced by the Left Ear on T4? The last known sighting of her was as a bridesmaid at Lily Allen's wedding last June. 

A statement from accountancy firm Baker Tilly Restructuring and Recovery read: "Hmrc had petitioned for Miss Oliver to be declared bankrupt for unpaid taxes amounting to £174,514.47. Due to the fact this amount had not been collected by the due date set by Hmrc, a Bankruptcy Order was issued to Miss Oliver in respect to the mentioned amount on 11 November 2011."

Oliver's publicist of course said: "We can confirm that Miquita Oliver filed for bankruptcy in November 2011. She has many projects in the pipeline both here and in the US for 2012."