The woman with the purported largest mouth in the world (measuring 10cm by 13.4cm in real life) Danni Minogue is reportedly canoodling with Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton. Minogue, who obviously has a thing for men in fast cars/with lots of money (she was engaged to Canadian F1 driver Jacques Villeneuve before he realised he'd mistaken her for the famous one), met in Australia last month and have allegedly been texting each other since to arrange a date, despite their 13-year age gap. "Lewis has been texting Dannii like mad since they met in Melbourne" a 'source' said. "He took a real shine to her. Lewis thought she was gorgeous and was really impressed with her knowledge of cars. He wanted to take her out for dinner that night but she had something on that she couldn't cancel. He's kept at it and she's finally agreed to meet him for dinner at the Monaco Grand Prix." Minogue's contribution to this meaningless story reads: ""I think the guy is incredible. He is mostly perfect in every way, shape and form." Pass me the sick bucket, luv. I can't say anything nice about this woman, so I'm going to stop here.