Heather Mills has herself a toy boy in the form of a 36-year-old holiday rep she met in the classy confines of Tenerife. Seemingly a source told the News of The World: "Heather is completely infatuated with Jamie (Walker). He is a gym junkie and Heather has been boasting that his body is so much fitter than Paul's (some might recall in Jacques Peretti's not so exposing expose of Mills, she was quoted as saying she was "marrying a man with bigger boobs than me"). She likes the way he is with Beatrice ('cause it's never too soon to introduce young kids to your new partner, folks) and his gentle manner towards her. That has played a major part in their blossoming relationship." He may be gentle with children but he's more upfront when it comes to Heather herself. After staying in her Brighton home, he announced to friends that he'd "sealed the deal" (that's gentlemanly code for 'I did her') and, when quizzed by the press regarding his relationship with Mills, he said: "I'm under strict instructions not to talk to you about this. But I guess you already know it all then. Just be nice about me." Sure, no worries - how does "you're a mouthy narcissist who's interested in some crazy lady that just became a multi-millionairess" grab you?