Have you ever struggled to open a tin of tuna? Never fear dear Millennial, you're definitely not alone.

Apparently, sales of canned tuna have been sinking for a while now. It couldn't be the fact that the cost of tuna has risen dramatically, can it? Nope, not according to the big tuna company conglomerates in America.

According to Jimmy Kimmel, the Vice-President of Marketing for StarKist Tuna in The States has come out to say that "a lot of Millennials don't even own can openers."

He said many Millennials don't want to open a tin of tuna, because it's too hard to do so. Right, and what about all of the pull-ring tins with tuna then, man, how do you explain that? Smells fishy.

Anyway, enough tuna talk - late show host Kimmel was on hand to put the theory to the test. His team went out onto the streets of LA to see if Millennials really do fail at opening a tin of tuna with a can opener. See the briny results for yourself below.