If there's one actor beloved of everyone from your kids to your granny, it's Paul Rudd. Seriously, who doesn't like Paul Rudd?

That's probably the reason he's been roped in by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for a new ad designed to encourage millennials to wear masks.

The ad takes its cue from Steve Buscemi's famous '30 Rock' character ('How do you do, fellow kids?') and sees Rudd adopt a millennial persona, complete with all the jargon to get the message across. "So fam, let’s real talk: masks are totally beast," he says at one point, playing a double guitar, "so slide that in your DMs and Twitch it!”

There are references to Billie Eilish, Tik Tok, and even a joke at his own expense about his youthful demeanour.

It's certainly a novel way to get a very important message across - and doesn't just apply to New York, either.

Watch it below: