Dear celebrities - your baby is no different from any other baby. It cries, eats, sleeps and sh*ts the same as any other baby. Why, therefore, do you collectively have this inane urge to make your child stand out by bestowing it with a ridiculous moniker? Is it not enough for them to exist under your shadow? Must the one thing that defines them as a separate entity - their name - also revert back to you? "Oh, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily, that's an unusual name, where did you get it? Oh, you're parents; tell me all about them..." The latest celebrity who has decided to mark their child for life is Milla Jovovich. The name in question (which comes in three parts, naturally) is Ever Gabo Anderson. Get this drivel: "The name Ever is a Scottish boy's name. Paul has Scottish blood in him so we wanted to give her a name that reflected her 'Celtic' roots. And Gabo is a mixture of my parents' names! The first two letters are after my mom's first name, Galina and the last two letters are after my dad's first name Bogie!" So, you've called your daughter a gay boy. How bohemian.