She's due to play the O2 on Tuesday night, but before she does, twerking expert Miley Cyrus decided to head out in the North Side (read: Best Side) of Dublin, specifically Stoneybatter where she promptly bumped into a few of her fans.

Cyrus posted a particularly sad-looking photo on Instagram and then later took to her website to wax about losing her pet dog. By all accounts, the 21-year old has been emotionally affected by losing her dog. Here's said photo.


But, that didn't stop her from heading out and doing that duck-face pose thing that she does in every photo. Cyrus was sighted in L. Mulligan's Grocer initially, but it's understood she didn't spend all night there.

(Twitter / @cailinmace)


(Twitter / @StylishCyrus)


Twitter promptly had a meltdown after it was reported that Cyrus was about town, however surprisingly few photos have turned up so far. Our guess is she was keeping a low-profile and saving her exuberance for Tuesday's show. This, however, is our favourite photo of the night in question. Padraig Fleury's sitting down having a pint of the black stuff, probably, and there's some teenager behind him. Addressing half the bar with a hat on indoors. 




Sir, your look of utter disdain and weariness encapsulates everything we could ever possibly think about Miley Cyrus. Bravo.