I shudder to think who'll be purchasing a pair of the countless denim cut offs presumably on offer, but f*** it, it's for a good cause... Yes, all the proceeds are going to a charity by the name of Get Ur Good On. I wonder has anyone set up a charity to save the English language.

The 17-year-old said: "For me I get this amazing blessing and opportunity to do this every day and get up on stage and hopefully inspire people with my music. And that's something that's really important to me, but so is getting involved in charities... You don't have to travel 30 hours... you don't have to give a billion dollars. It's not about how much or how far, it's about looking at your neighbours and seeing how you can help. It isn't just stuff that's all over the world, it's right here, it's right next to you. It's important to get involved."

Christ, I'm almost touched, much like the gussets of her soon to be commandeered short shorts... grim but true. C'mon, you were all thinking it. Just me? etc.

The auction will take place on ebay towards the end of the month.