Let's face it, dating underwear models four years your senior isn't very Disney, is it. Remerging with your virginal first love, on the other hand...

News of Miley and Justin's split came, where else but, via their respective Twitter pages. Justin's said: "Haven't been this miserable in a looong time... How many tears are in there? They've gotta run out soon right?", while Miley posted: "My heart is in two... and its all because of you.' a song i am starting to write :) ... why does saying good-bye hurt so much? (sic)". On the upside, you get to write something resembling a song about it and make even MORE money, wheeeeeeeee!

Speaking of profitable tween love songs, TOTALLY from the heart; Nick Jonas recently asked his ex to collaborated on a song together: " There's two versions of the song (Before the Storm)... and I played it for Miley and we realised that if we just changed the lyrics a bit, we could make it more of our story, kind of share that side of us, and it could be great (and more profitable). She came in and she and I sat down at the piano and just worked on lyrics a bit, tweaked it up, and it turned out great!"

Not for Justin, it didn't. After you even grew a dubious ponytail for her 'n everything…. Not to worry though, love, I'm sure some FBA (famous by association) sort will gladly take you under their wing for some mutual press coverage for a spell. Try Kendra Wilkinson, you could appear on her reality show as the pool boy, or something. Or Audrina Patridge is currently wearing the face off anything to make Chris Pine pay for dumping her. You'd have LOTS to talk about, what with both your exes being ruled by their agents rather than their loins.

In COMpleteLY unrelated news - this news just happens to coincide with the release of her O2 gig tickets - which go onsale on Friday at 9.00am. The same time Fleetwood Mac tickets go on sale... HOW am I meant to CHOOSE?!