Miley Cyrus does not give two f***s and we love her for it.

You may recall her sassy comeback last year when a picture was circulating in which she allegedly looked ‘pregnant’, but this may have topped it.

A decade ago, the recent Grammys performer posed for a Vanity Fair photoshoot in which the then-15-year-old appeared to be naked as her bare back was exposed. At the time, Cyrus had said “I mean I had a big blanket on. And I thought, This looks pretty, and really natural. I think it’s really artsy.”

However, following criticism over the pics, she was forced to issue an apology, saying: “I appreciate all the support of my fans and hope they understand that along the way I am going to make mistakes and I am not perfect. I never intended for any of this to happen, and I am truly sorry if I have disappointed anyone.”

Older, wiser and a little more potty-mouthed, she posted this retraction today: