Concerned by her age (19), we all gasped a little upon hearing the news that Miley Cyrus was getting hitched. Well maybe it was more our jealousy with regard to WHO she was getting hitched to; Liam Hemsworth. (Lucky b*tch.) Thankfully though, the Hannah Montannah star - who now looks a bit like Pink - is in no rush.

While 'The Hunger Games' actor Liam Hemsworth got down on bended knee earlier this summer, Miley says she already feels married and doesn't feel any urgency about walking down the aisle.

'I already feel married. I know we are forever. I don't need the paper right now... I don't know when we will get married yet. We are still enjoying being engaged. I've got so much planning to do with the tours and getting my record out. First I have my movie, then my record - then I'll do my wedding planning.'

Well fair play to her; there's no point racing down the aisle at 19 when you've got a whopper career and imminent tour to see through. Maybe young Miley has more sense than we've previously credited her with.