Hey, at least she made that orty video before her sinuses went mental. If you were due to go see her at least you can watch it on repeat for an hour and get some semblance of the same effect. You can go one step further and construct a giant papier-mache dog that can sit beside your laptop for the duration - fun for all the family!

Seriously though, this is only bad news if you're fans living in Amsterdam and Antwerp - those dates have been rescheduled. Could you see Miley not making it to Amsterdam? Puh-leeeese, etc.

A statement on her website read: "The May 2nd and May 4th Miley Cyrus Bangerz tour dates in Amsterdam and Antwerp have been postponed and rescheduled for Antwerp June 20th and Amsterdam June 22nd."

The 21-year-old was hospitalised on April 15th after her body rejected Cephalexin, an antibiotic prescribed for the flu, but just under two weeks later she appeared to be making a good recovery and was discharged from hospital.

However, Miley, who was forced to postpone the US leg of her tour due to the illness, has been banned from travelling by her doctor after her symptoms flared up again recently.

The statement continues: "After a period of improvement, Cyrus' symptoms have returned and Doctor's will not permit her to travel. This type of extreme reaction can last up to 27 days and Cyrus must remain under Doctor's care at this time."

Miley seemed less than impressed when she heard that she couldn't perform for Amsterdam and Antwerp.

However, it is hoped herUK and Irish gigs in London, Belfast, and Dublin will proceed as normal. Well, as normal as a Miley gig can proceed. That is, of course, assuming rumours that she's pregnant are false.