Christmas songs have been a hot topic this year once again; the subject matter of a couple well-known songs raising red flags with listeners.

Our very own 'Fairytale of New York' has caused controversy once again; while 'Santa Baby' is the latest victim to be analysed to the high heavens.

Christmas songs have been churned out to the masses since early November; and this year the lyrics to 'Santa Baby' have been scrutinised. Now, bear in mind that the original song was released in 1953, which is 65 years ago - long before any of us reading this were even born.

Featuring lines such as "fill my stocking with a duplex and checks," singer Miley Cyrus has taken it upon herself to give the lyrics a well-deserved 2018 update.

Miley sings in front of an open fire, while Jimmy Fallon and Mark Ronson roam around the background hilariously trying not to mess up their chances with the singer.

Make your own decision on the updated 'Santa Baby' version below.