Pretty much everyone on the internet has had their fill of Miley Cyrus and her backside this week, but that doesn't mean the former Hannah Montana star's latest antics can't be used to get us talking about other things too.

In fact, someone has set up their very own Tumblr account in the hopes of using Miley's publicity storm to draw attention to the Syrian crisis, the recent violence in Egypt, and various other international issues by picturing her "twerking on things that we should be talking about" right now. 

From Bradley Manning to the aftermath of that awful factory collapse in Bangladesh, Miley's been photoshopped twerking her way across a wide range of issues. It may seem like a strange joke, but there's some pretty heavy food for thought beneath it all.

It appears the creators wanted to ask if we'd pay more heed to these issues if they featured a gyrating former Disney starlet. Jumping on the Twitter and Tumblr bandwagon might seem a bit controversial, but you have to admit it is one way to get people thinking and talking about what's going on out there.

Genius or just too far? You can judge for yourself by checking out all of the snaps and the stories they've been working on right here.