The folk of Charlotte, North Carolina ain't happy with Miley Cyrus for cancelling their gig at the last minute due to a bout of flu. What's the girl to do, though? Nasally deliver Wrecking Ball while sliding around stage on a massive hot dog, sing to a massive statue of the recently deceased Floyd before quietly heaving into the corner stage left? reports that the cancellation announcement was made via the singer's website: "Miley Cyrus - CANCELED. Due to illness, Miley Cyrus' Bangerz tour date scheduled for tonight, April 7, at Time Warner Cable Arena Charlotte has been cancelled. Cyrus has been diagnosed with the flu and doctors have ordered her to rest."

Perhaps the assembled would've been slightly more forgiving had she given them a bit more notice - like the person who spent a load of money on gas to get to the venue. As for the young lady who wants the refund for her "outfit" and her "nails", well, there'll be no pleasing her. Ever.

The Charlotte Observer was on hand to take quotes from the fans present. 19-year-old Molly Crunkleton said: “I showed up, spent all my money on gas, got there and found out the show was cancelled. I'm very angry right now.”

Then there was irate 16-year-old Karoline Jumper: “We were walking to the concert when my friend texted. On the signs, it said 'refunds available,' but where's the refund for my outfit that I bought, or for my nails, or the gas, or hotel?”

Indeed, Karoline, you can never wear said outfit again, and as for your nails - peel them off immediately because they were for Miley, and Miley alone. She totally would've spotted them from the crowd, had her eyes not been watering so profusely.

As for some other fans, well, they were beyond words...