That young One Direction fella the kids are all super fond of, Niall Horan, was watching Ireland absolutely destroy the Welsh yesterday in The Aviva, and tweeted during the game after Mike Phillips went and acted like Mike Phillips and got involved in a few off the ball incidents "Mike Phillips is like a child throwing his toys out of the pram. His attitude is terrible, he looks like a right arrogant idiot." To which the ever loveable Philips responded

But fear not, as Horan need not hold out for a hero because Irish man mountain and general ace egg thrower, Rob Kearney was on hand to let Niall know he had nothing to worry about tweeting "Don't worry Niall, I have your back"

That sound you hear is the ovaries of ladies all over Ireland bursting. G'wan Rob ya legend!

Horan has since deleted the tweets, but he can rest easy in the knowledge that Ireland legend all round sound b*stard Rob Kearney has his back.

You can follow Mr Kearney over yonder and see the replies for yourself - twitter embed is acting the swine for us at the minute.