For many of us of a certain vintage, Clip Art will always have a special place in our hearts, but sadly, Microsoft announced that it will be no more. 

Whether you were writing an essay or putting together a sharp (read: terrible) presentation, there was always a piece of Clip Art there that could help to liven up your work and pad it out that little bit too. Long before the kids had their emoji, we had Clip Art, but for some reason, Microsoft have decided that they will remove it from their Office suite of products and replace it with a Bing image search instead. 

Now, in all fairness we've not used any Clip Art in a long time, but then again we haven't held a bake sale or tried to put together a home-made birthday invite in years, so that has limited its usefulness, but we're sure to lament its loss the next time we want to add a random picture of people holding hands around a globe to our work. 

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Between this and the fact that the nerds of this generation will never know the beautiful sound of a modem connecting to the internet, we're beginning to feel old. We'll miss this guy, too.

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