The press was awash with reports of Michelle Williams blanking the New York premiere of The Dark Knight because Matilda, her child with Heath Ledger, has allegedly yet to be provided for since the actor's death. Yesterday's New York Post said: "Heath Ledger's father, Kim, mother, Emma, and other family members are flying in for the Dark Knight premiere on July 14 for what some are calling a 'sort of tribute' to him - but don't expect to see his ex, Michelle Williams, or daughter, Matilda. An insider said, 'Michelle is furious with Heath's family and threatening to boycott the premiere. Matilda is supposed to be the beneficiary of the will, but Michelle has seen nothing from them. Heath didn't have much in cash, but there was a big house in LA and a back-end deal for Dark Knight (that) could reap millions.' Ledger's will, made out in 2003 before Matilda was born, left everything to his father, mother and sisters. But Matilda is now considered the beneficiary, and Kim is the executor... Years ago, Kim's brothers charged that he mismanaged their father's estate, losing millions." But back to today. A rep for Williams is now saying: "The presumption that Michelle ever intended to attend The Dark Knight premiere is unfounded, but to say she is 'boycotting' due to a rift with Heath's family is absurd. It is time to allow this family to go about their lives without this continued scrutiny and speculation." Enough said.