For those of you who kept bleating about Michelle Keegan resembling Princess Jasmine off Aladdin while on Corrie (myself included) - thanks to the teeth, the 'tan' and the very perfect eyebrows - here's what she has to say on the matter.

"I used to get annoyed reading comments saying I’ve got fake teeth - I was bullied about my teeth at school and wore braces for five years to get them straight. It’s the same when people say I’m ‘too orange’. This is my natural skin; I don’t wear fake tan. I can’t help it: I have Spanish heritage. Things like that used to wind me up and I’d think, ‘How can people be so nasty?’ But since being with Mark [Wright, her fiance, who probably doesn't use fake tan either], I don’t care what anyone thinks. I just brush it off, I’ve got better things to do… or a Domino’s pizza to order!"

So there you have it, Michelle's tan isn't fake, it's just Spanish. Somehow she managed to have the Spanish sun follow her around constantly while filming in Manchester.

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