Ugh, I can't even begin to imagine how horrific that is - and that's coming from someone who's already spent a week in Crumlin hospital with a liddler. Thing is, said liddler was 7-months-old at the time; a 5-week-old is a whole different ballgame.

Michelle Heaton undoubtedly had the "worst" day of her life yesterday when her five-week-old son Aaron, who she has with her personal trainer husband Hugh Hanley, was diagnosed with viral meningitis.

Thankfully the little wriggler appears to be on the mend, however, and his relieved oul pair are grateful for the emergency care provided by their local hospital.

She added: "He's fighting strong and taking the antibiotics well so far but at only five weeks old you can imagine our distress as parents. The hospital are amazing and he's well looked after and hopefully we will be able to take our little man home soon."

Michelle, who also has two-year-old daughter Faith, previously described Aaron as her "miracle" baby because she thought she couldn't have any more children after being diagnosed with a mutated BRCA2 gene and decided to have a double mastectomy to alleviate her high risk of cancer.